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Access Control

Tallahassee Access Control and FOB Installation

We provide Security Access Control Systems for your business. Whether you need to protect a building or secure a small office, we have the solutions you need. We offer security access control systems that are easy to install and use. Our team of experts will work with you to design a security system that meets your unique needs, budget, and schedule.

Access control is a critical part of any security solution. It’s your property’s first line of defense and must be effective. Whether you’re protecting a building or an entire campus, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your security goals.


The FOB is a small keychain-sized device that provides an electronic credential for access control. They are usually used in conjunction with a magnetic stripe card as a backup to the card in case it gets lost or damaged. These are often issued to mobile workers, such as delivery drivers and service technicians, who need to get in and out of different buildings over time.


Badges are like FOBs but are not designed to be carried on a keychain. Instead, they’re typically worn on a lanyard or pinned onto clothing. Badges may also offer additional security features, such as photos or fingerprints, which can help further identify a person before granting access rights.

Security entrances (exit and entries are covered)

Ensuring your office building is secure is extremely important if you want to protect your belongings and the people inside the building. A security entrance system can be installed at all entrances into your building, allowing you to restrict access based on time restrictions, employee IDs, and more.

Signal House Communications will consult with you to design access control systems. Hardware is required for physical access systems. This includes the card or fob readers and door switches. The control panel controls all access points in the building and is an integral part of the system. Access control systems can be flexible and adapt to your business. If you require a larger system, just add a new control panel.

All users will be stored in a server database, which allows access times or locations to be customized. The controller reads the frequency of the card and verifies the user through the database. The door will open if it is verified. If the door is not locked, the controller will register the breach and notify the appropriate monitors.

Yes. Access control systems are equipped with battery backup plans in case of an emergency. You will need physical keys if the battery backup is not sufficient.

No, access control systems can be used on many entry and exit points, including gates, garage doors, parking restrictions, cars, and elevators.

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